Hobby to Profession

In 2014, fuelled by the love for flowers and eagerness to perfect the craft of flower arranging, I took some time to travel to Europe and signed up for a professional floristry course with Judith Blacklock Flower School in London.

From my experience in London, I saw how greatly flowers were imbued into the daily lives of the locals, and how they appreciated each arrangement as a piece of art. Through my internship with one of the popular florists over there, and after having numerous conversations with clients, I was pleasantly surprised that something so simple can bring great joy to people! I thought to myself, “How nice it would be if I could bring this culture back home to Singapore - making someone happy with flowers, just because.”

Our Take

Flowers are seasonal. The vision of Cotton and Sage is to let each and every customer enjoy the beauty of different flowers from around the world, throughout the year. Luckily for us here, Singapore also has access to a wide variety of flowers from Africa, Australia, Europe and New Zealand.

Drawing inspiration from elements of nature, my arrangement style is organic, elegant and occasionally, with a touch of fun. I love playing with textures and each design is thoughtfully planned for, and every bunch is curated into a fresh and seasonal arrangement for your enjoyment! 

Love, E'an